Lin Schmidt


Lin Schmidt, a contemporary abstract painter

I explore meaning through abstraction, in a dialog with what happens on the canvas. My approach is both subjective and rational. Using both intuition and basic geometry, with colors to convey spiritual vibrations and consulting the golden ratio to create a feeling of harmony. An idea of time passing develops, as different layers influence each other, with contrasting visual textures and translucency, simultaneously revealing and concealing.

My inspirations come from Nature and light. I work with a variety of materials, to nurture a solid basis then I often complete with encaustic, an ancient and very demanding material. It is meticulous and time intense work, but well worth the discoveries it gives me.

Lin Schmidt was born in 1952 near Chicago, majored in Art and Psychology and got her BFA from Schiller University in Paris in 1974 then returned to Chicago to work for the Museum of Contemporary Art. In 1979 she decided to come back to France where a few years later she began practicing tai chi chuan and has continued her painting.


2015 Sept. Galerie des Corsaires, Bayonne

2013 June Musée Beaudéan, Beaudéan, France

2011 June Nectar, Tarbes, France

2010 Tourist Office, Tarbes, France

2009 Oct. Nectar, Tarbes, France

2009 Aug. Marciac, France

1997 Mar Galerie d’Art Contemporain, Mourenx

1995 Jun Galerie Zeller, Tarbes

1991 Jun Galerie Zeller, Tarbes


2017 aug. One - V  Gal. 88, Bagnères de Bigorre

2017 mar. ArtToulouse Expo (salon)

2014 dec. Nayart, Nay, France

2014 oct Art Nou Millenni, Barcelona, Spain

2014 sept. Galerie 88, Bagnères de Bigorre

2013 août FLAK, Anglet, France

2011 juillet Hôtel Druot, Salle VV, Paris, France

2010 feb. Galerie 88, Bagnères de Bigorre, France

2000 Jun St. Cyprien en Périgord, St. Cyprien

1996 Jun. “Lo Specchio e la Mappa: Percorsi tra Figurativo e Informale”, Catania, Sicile

Artist statement