Lin Schmidt


Here are a few photos from my studio, a place that's almost always messy, but occasionally photogenic.

Photos from the studio

the paint brush corner of my studio

Here's the paint brush corner of my studio, a favorite spot for choosing the right tool to work with.
A brush has many lives, from it's brand-new springy beginng to when it becomes too stiff from repeated use and ends up as a sort of desperate tool for encaustics.

encaustic paintbrushes

Encaustic brushes don't need to be cleaned after each use. (One of the great things about this medium) However they become stiff when cold and I usually have a place for the ones I'm using on my heat plate.

It is possible to clean them if you want to change colors. You can use either "slick wax" or cheaper paraffin. But you must be sure to get rid of as much as you can by heating and wiping the brush in order to keep the best quality of the beeswax medium.